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Self-Defence Course for children and adults - Beginners Welcome


On Sunday May 11th, we are holding a Self-Defence course, this is a very important part of our art, our world is not a violent place but there is certainly violence within it, how would you deal with a violent encounter, with a person or persons who wish to do you or your family harm?

Our children face risks, I feel that the media paints an unrealistic picture as our news is gathered from all over the world, thus "suggesting" that statistically they are at HUGE risk! - this is not really the case, indeed statistically they face very few risks. However there are risks from traffic, adults, school bullies and simple lack of awareness.

This course will highlight the risks and provide practical strategies for dealing with them, it will help you to raise your awareness and give you time and options; these are the most important things.

The course will be held on Sunday May 11th at St John Ambulance Hall, Forest Road, Coalville. LE67 3SJ;

Juniors (6-15) 10 - 12noon

Seniors 10 - 2pm

The morning session will look at scenarios with age appropriate content, techniques, awareness and strategies. The afternoon session will be more focussed towards adult scenarios and practical application. If you would like your son or daughter to attend the afternoon session please speak to Sensei Rob Phelps about it's appropriateness for your child.


You can pay via Paypal, please send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ensure you state the students name & age;

Members of Leicester Ju Jitsu

£10 for Juniors (under 15) - morning only               £15 for Seniors (over 15) - full session


£30 for Juniors (under 15) - morning only               £40 for Seniors (over 15) - full session