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Leicester Jujitsu Assistant Coaches



Below are our Assistant Coaches that have undertaken training and will be present on the mat to assist students during training sessions;


Rory Holden  - 1st Dan Black Belt - Earl Shilton & Coalville (2015) CRB/DBS 2016

Matt Cropp - 1st Dan Black Belt - Earl Shilton (2015)

Sean Kavanagh - Brown Belt  - Earl Shilton & Coalville (2016)

Dan Hawkes - Brown Belt - Earl Shilton & Coalville (2016)

Thomas Kennedy - Brown Belt - Earl Shilton & Coalville (2016)



You will easily be able to recognise our assistant coaches from the colour of their gi, which is BLACK.


You will see Assistant Coaches assisting Sensei's Rob Phelps & Nathan Webb during training sessions. If you find yourself under their instruction, please show them as much consideration and respect as you do your Club Senseis.


If you are struggling with any part of your syllabus then please come and talk to one of the coaches listed above and they will do their best to help out.