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Leicester Jujitsu Jr Cadet Leaders



Below are our junior cadets that have undertaken cadet leader training and will be present on the mat to assist senior coaches in training sessions;

Junior Leaders 

Callum Judge (2015)  

Reno  (2015)

Remy (2015)

Kaylum  (2015)

Kris (2015)

Chris (2015)

Duncan (2015)

Emily (2016)

William (2016


You will see these cadets assisting Sensei's Rob Phelps & Nathan Webb during training sessions as they wear a Blue uniform. If you find yourself under their instruction, please show them as much consideration and respect as you do your Club Senseis.


If you are under 18 years old and you would like to be an cadet leader in the future then this is what you need to know; once you have past your purple belt grading and are of 12 years of age, let your Sensei know that you would like to learn to be an assistant cadet leader, they will arrange for you to attend a course and help you with your studies.


The responsibilities of a cadet leader is to set a good example to other students, help other students with their training, assist and support their Sensei during training sessions. Becoming an assistant cadet leader is a great way of learning how to become part of team, gain teaching skills and understand Ju Jitsu a lot more in depth. It is also a lot of fun and will help build your confidence.