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Coalville Martial Arts Clubs Goes from Strength to Strength

Coalville has been home to Leicester Ju Jitsu since 2006, now housed at St John Ambulance Hall, Forest Road, Coalvile LE67 3SJ. Ju Jitsu runs 4 classes on a Friday, two for children from 6 years old and 2 for adults of 15 years and up and now runs 4 classes on a Tuesday, 2 for children from 6 years old and 2 for adults of age 15 years and up.

Ju Jitsu is an all-encompassing Martial Art integrating kicks, punches, blocks, strikes, throws, kata or forms, ground work or wrestling and practical self-defence. 

Children love it because of the diversity and the fun atmosphere that is fostered at the club, the parents love it because of the discipline and self-confidence which helps their children to concentrate better in school. The improved self-confidence helps them deal better with bullying situations and should the unthinkable happen, they can often deal with the bully themselves – nothing scares and shocks a bully more than have their prey suddenly drop them on their bottom!

For the adults in the group the club offers fitness that is often lacking from their lives, they gain more toned bodies, learn to strike properly so reducing injury, have greater self-awareness both of what they are capable of and about how muggers and other assailants think and act. The self-confidence is a big thing for the adults too, self-confidence often comes from knowledge of how the human body moves and how to create forced compliance on an opponent.

Leicester Ju Jitsu Martial Arts in Coalville is a technical martial art so ratio of instructor to student is rarely more than 10:1, this ensures that the student gains the more form the martial art. That well know phrase “practise makes perfect” is actually highly inaccurate, the proper phrase is “perfect practise makes perfect” and perfect practise is only achieved through a low instructor to student ratio.

In our modern lives we face stress of all sorts, stress leads to adrenaline, the “fight or flight” response which, in the modern world has no-where to go! We all need stress relief otherwise this adrenaline just sits in our system doing us no good – martial arts Coalville is a brilliant method of stress relief.

At Leicester Ju Jitsu martial arts in Coalville the first session is free for both adults and children so you have an opportunity to experience the art first hand and find out if it is right for you.

All coaches are first aid trained, CRB clear have Insurance and Sport England approved coaching qualifications.

Call us or email for more information;

Tuesday Training - 07766-950639   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Friday Training - 07976-952565  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.